Monday, April 7, 2008

Lab meetings aren't ALL bad


Okay, before I begin I'd like to say something. I do not intend to begin the majority of my blogs with the word, "Wow"... but it just seemed to fit my mood today... and last week... and quite likely sometime in the immediate future... but I do not intend to make its usage a regular occurrence.

But it may turn up from time-to-time.


We had a lab meeting today. Usually, I would do my best to not make it obvious that I am falling asleep while the other students give updates on their "oh so interesting" projects ::cough, cough:: and then wait for my PhD to let me know that our research has been delayed AGAIN because the fluorescent microscope is improperly calibrated, or the anesthetics have not arrived, or another lab used our rats, or something...

But today was different.

I could tell something was up when I got there and my PhD was waiting for me (he has a tendency to run late). Instead of going through the monotonous Weekly Update he announced immediately that our grant proposal had been accepted!

Now for us, this is REALLY BIG NEWS!

See, unless you work in a gov't lab (and even when you DO work in a gov't lab) almost the only way that you can get funding to perform your research (other than selling prescription medications for outrages prices) is to apply for grants from the gov't and other organizations. Every month or so my PhD writes a couple of grant proposals (basically an outline of what we'll do with the money) and sends them in. I get to see them all, because I proof-read and edit the grant proposals.... and we just got one!

Of course a great deal of this money will go to things like the general operation of the lab, our income, etc but there is a small amount of money set aside specifically for a project that I designed... a project that I included in the grant proposal (and I'm pretty sure that my project is the only thing that got us this grant...).

Assuming my PhD doesn't kill me for adding my project to the proposal without asking him, some exciting things could happen Very Soon.

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Diane said...

So...what does the lab do...what was the original proposal...and, of course, what little nugget did you add?

And, am I going to understand a word you say when you answer...? :)